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Heritage Line

heritage line
Heritage Line offers high-end, boutique boat cruises through the most stunning waterways in Southeast Asia. With a passion for collecting unique ships, Heritage Line has acquired a fleet of custom-made boutique vessels that reflect their stunning surroundings. Our craft include the luxurious Jayavarman and The Jahan in the Mekong Delta; the charming Ginger, Violet and Jasmine in Halong Bay; and the classic Shin Arahan paddle steamer on the Irrawaddy. From the lush Mekong Delta to majestic Halong Bay to the temple-studded banks of the Irrawaddy, Heritage Line’s cruises offer adventure, history, culture and comfort.

Our guests are well-traveled, well-informed and used to five-star service. They are adventurous, but enjoy life’s finer things. Founded in 2009, Heritage Line is committed to exceeding our guests’ expectations, giving them unforgettable travel experiences and exceptional personalized service.

Inspired by the golden age of travel, we bring visitors to remote and authentic locations without sacrificing on service or amenities. Built for beauty as well as comfort, our boats are inspired by craft that plied these waters in the early 1900s. In the Mekong Delta, we have two magnificent vessels – The Jayavarman and The Jahan – modeled after French colonial cruise liners. With elaborately carved woodwork, Khmer artworks and ornate Indian motifs, these ships provide romantic backdrops to the delta’s timeless beauty. In the mystical scenery of Halong Bay our three boats are modeled after traditional Asian junks, their scarlet and saffron sails offsetting the bay’s green water and jagged grey islands. Finally, in Myanmar, we offer cruises along the legendary Irawaddy River aboard an elegant British-colonial-style paddleboat.

In Southeast Asia, no other cruise company can compare with Heritage Line’s authentic, elegant and personalized service. We welcome you on a journey of discovery.

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