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Domestic and international visitors have to-date only discovered about a quarter of the total area of World Natural Heritage Halong Bay. Three-quarters of the remaining unexplored area is in Bai Tu Long Bay.

In order to enable visitors to explore the magnificent, primitive and fresh beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay, together with our professional staff, Indochina Junk has spent many years researching the design for the most luxurious boats. Visitors will have a wonderful experience – kayaking, fishing, talking with local people in order to discover their culture and the life of people living on fishing villages, how to protect the environment or enjoy luxurious dinners inside a cave or on the beach.

Since its establishment Indochina Junk, has identified and developed a sustainable business associated with environment protection, to help fishermen who live in Halong Bay. In coordination with the Halong Bay Management Board, we have developed the programme “For a Green Halong Bay“. Supported by the government and residents, this programme is appreciated by visitors to the bay. It has two projects – the collection and treatment of waste in Bai Tu Long Bay and mangrove reforestation, and the building of cultural houses and schools in fishing villages.

Our Story

Indochina Junks has focused on developing small luxury boats to bring guests to the remote areas in the bay, and train our staff in the best standards of service.

We have built five types of high quality boats – Princess, Prince, Red Dragon, Lagoon Explorer and Dragon Pearl. Each boat has a small family of staff from different regions in Vietnam – Hanoi, Bac Ninh, Ninh Binh, Thanh Hoa. They love sharing and helping each other. Besides studying in tourism, the crew are trained in practical skills. A trip on one of our junks leaves both passengers and crew with a lasting sense of joy.

Due to our staff’s efforts, in 2008 Indochina Junks was voted as one of five companies with the best quality of service in Halong by its customers. In 2009, our company was the only company in Halong selected as having the best quality products and services by Viet Nam small & medium enterprise association.

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