Yen Duc Village

Yen Duc village is in Dong Trieu town and 60km West of Halong city. The village was recognized as a national relic in 1993.

Yen Duc is a beautiful village with poetic scenery, charming rivers, historical mountains and sacred legends and relics related to Ly and Tran dynasty.

Considered as a “Stone wall” under the war, the village was a cradle of revolutionary movements with many brave, ingenious heroes and local people sacrificed to protect their hometown. Over the years, their names are still alive together with each famous mountain, river and pieces of land here.

Similar to other rustic countryside, the local people here are very diligent, gentle and optimistic.

Currently, Yen Duc village is one of the few villages in the Delta still retain traditional agricultural features and beauty with the golden rice fields in harvesting time, the gardens of areca trees in the sun and the ponds below the green gourd platforms

Yen Duc village is also rich in traditions with many festivals are held in the every first lunar month. From generation to generation, the local people preserve the fine tradition of re-remembering the source while drinking water.

Festivals are events which represent this tradition of the community as well as honor the holy figures named as Gods the real persons in national history or legendary persons who had merits to the community and their hometown.

Reason to visit

Beautiful village with mountains, rice fields, river. Charming Yen Duc village contained his idyllic life of the villagers. Surrounding the village is peaceful Kinh Thay River, the lives of local people with the immense rice fields, vegetable gardens, fish ponds, elegant village roads. Peaceful life in the countryside brings emotions to visitors, getting away from the noisy life outside.

A traditional agricultural village in the North of Vietnam, Yen Duc village is one of the villages in the Delta still remains typical tradition. The local people keep their life in closer with rice cultivation and farming activities. Passing through the village, visitors still find the charming rice field, local house and garden, friendly locals working in their farm…

Experience the real life of locals, joining the trip to Yen Duc village you will not only observe the local life but also experience farming activities as a true locals, catching fishes, gardening…

Saving time to discover village after Halong Bay tour, Yen Duc village is located on the way from Halong Bay to Hanoi, creating a convenient stop place for tourists taking time to visit the village. You can select the 2 hour tour or 5,5 hour tour for your own experience, two destination in one itinerary.

Support to local community, Yen Duc village tour promotes local community and culture. Our mission is to support local people to preserve their tradition, have better living standard based on agriculture development with the combination of tourism activities.

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