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Visit pagoda

Pagoda is the holy place in ritual life of Vietnamese, a source of culture and tradition of locals following Buddhism. Every first day and mid- day (1st and 15th) of lunar month, people in village present at pagoda and pray for their life with full of happiness and fortune. Canh Huong pagoda in Yen Duc village which is located in the central of village, is an ancient pagoda, built under Tran dynasty (XIII-XIV century), the pagoda bears legendary stories of Vietnamese King Tran Nhan Tong leaving the court to follow a religious life.

Cycling to visit Canh Huong pagoda, you will feel the quietness of peace in your soul. You will see elders and monk praying in front of Buddhist, featuring a very unique culture of countryside Vietnam. During the trip, our guide will explain to you about Buddhist religion and more about customs of Vietnamese.

A trip to Canh Huong pagoda will recall your memory of life, all the things which have passed by, forget the bad story and look forward to good things in future. Local people are very optimistic so you are to love the way

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pagoda in Yen Duc

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