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The village

Yen Duc Village is about 60km to the west of Bai Tu Long Bay on the way from & to Hanoi. Yen Duc Village is a typical Vietnamese agricultural village which is rich in culture and traditions, it is also granted with beautiful landscape. The village is surrounded by the historical mountains which are mirrored themselves in the Kinh Thay river. Also, similar to other typical traditional Vietnamese village in the North of Vietnam, Yen Duc Village has charming golden rice fields in the harvest time, a lot of lakes and ponds, colorful garden, especially the ranges of areca trees in the sunshine.

Yen Duc Village has many historical monuments and a famous ancient pagoda named Canh Huong which contains cultural and historical values dated back to Ly and Tran dynasty. Over the years, the stories are still alive together with each famous mountain, river and pieces of land here.

In the village, all the alley roads are very clean with unique stone walls, especially the local villagers are very friendly, honest and extremely hospitable.

Joining a trip to Yen Duc village is a great chance to visit the charming fields, a holy pagoda, a historical site and other relic sites while wandering narrow alleyways in the odorous fresh air and talking with hospitable local people. With a convenience graphic location, Yen Duc Village is an ideal tourist site with unique experience for the customers after Bai Tu Long Bay.

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