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Historical Monument

Throughout the history of Vietnam, the war went through and left many historical sites. From the forests, rivers, cities… to the villages, the historical evidence of a heroic nation have been stored. Yen Duc village like many other villages in Vietnam, has contributed to the history of country. 

In the village, Canh Mountain and “73” cave stand as the spirit of heroic battle against the invaders. “73” cave dates back to the heroic struggle of 73 guerrillas, who sacrificed all for the freedom of people. Vietnamese people love peace but are so strong in protecting country, fighting against any invader. In the trip to Yen Duc village, visitors will pass through Canh Mountain, see the historical “73” cave and listen to the villagers’ stories about village and people.

Located in the Canh Mountain, “73” cave is the symbol of the local people’s courage and heroic sacrifices over the years.

By 1950s, Yen Duc village was invaded by the colonial enemy. However, they had difficulty in the countryside because of guerrilla fighters. The enemy underestimated the effectiveness of the Vietnamese guerrilla fighters because they used relatively simple weapons compared to the more advanced weapons of the enemy.

Understanding that, they could not fight again the enemy with the simple weapons while the enemy tried to destroy most of the Vietminh strongholds in the village, therefore the guerrilla fighters and local people disappeared in to the cave to hide themselves. The superior enemy’s weapons were useless against the guerrilla fighters who could not see.

The enemy found that, the guerilla fighters relied on local villages for food, water and other miscellaneous supplies. So to defeat them, the enemy needed to take away village support for the guerillas, and convince the Vietnamese people not to assist the guerrillas. On another hand, the enemy forced the local villagers to chop down the trees, destroyed the houses, the pagodas for fencing the cave.

In 6 days, the guerillas fighters were lack of food, water and weapon, they had to suffer from many difficulties and become tired while the enemy never stopped shooting and bombing into the cave, but the guerrilla fighters constantly tried to fight against.

On the 7th day, impatiently, the enemy used wood, straw and gas to fire the cave from all the entrances in order to kill all the hidden guerrillas fighters and villagers. Facing the death, the guerillas fighters and villagers still showed no fear. They tried to fight against and hand in hand to sing all the songs about Vietnamese revolution and country by their last breath.

All 106 guerillas fighters and villagers were died inside the cave. Then, the enemy got into the cave to pulled 73 bodies out and buried them in the same hole.

In order to honor the merits of the guerillas fighters and villagers, either a memorial monument and a grave were built here in 1980 to dedicate the heroic local people who died in the war

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